No. 5757A

From :- Shri K.K. Basu,

Addl. Registrar, High Court, Appellate Side, Calcutta.


To     : The District Judge, Murshidabad.

                                                Dated Calcutta, the 30th April, 1990.




Sub      :- Observance of Rule 5(2) of the W.B.S. (Duties, rights and Obligations of

                Government Employees) Rules, 1980 by the Judicial Officers regarding

                prior permission for purchase/sales of immovable property.



               I am directed to say that the Hon’ble Court has decided that necessary sanction under Rule 5(2) of the W.B.S. (Duties, Rights and Obligations of Govt. Employees) Rules 1980 shall be obtained by the Judicial Officers from the High Court.

            I am to request you to be so good as to circulate this to all the Judicial Officers under your Judgeship, for strict compliance.


                                                                                Yours faithfully,

                                                                                 Sd/- Illegible.

                                                                                Additional Registrar.


                                           Memo No.1448(31)/H.C. G. Spl. Letter.


            Copy forwarded for information & necessary action to :-

1-4.     The Additional District Judge, 1st Court/2nd Court/3rd Court/4th Court, Murshidabad.

5.        The Judge Special Court under E.C. Act, Murshidabad.

6-9.    The Assistant District Judge, Murshidabad/Jangipur/Kandi/Additional Assistant District Judge, Murshidabad.

10-15. The Munsif, 1st Court/2nd Court/Berhampore/Jangipur.

18-19. The Munsif of Lalbag/Munsif Additional Court, Lalbagh.

20.      The Chief Judicial Magistsrat, Murshidabad.

21-24. The Sub-Divisional Judicial Magistrate, Berhampore/Jangipur/Kandi/Lalbagh.

25.       Shri K. Chatterjee, Judicial Magistrate, 1st Court, Berhampore.

26.       Shri R.S. Dutta, Judicial Magistrate, 2nd Court, Berhampore.

27.       Tapan Kumar Sen, Judicial Magistrate, 2nd Court, Jangipur.

28.       Shri H. Singh, Judicial Magistrate, 1st Court, Jangipur.

29.       Shri K.Y.S. Manhas, Judicial Magistrate, 1st Court Kandi.

30.       Shri R.N. Sarkar, Judicial Magistrate, 1st Court, Lalbagh.

31.       Shri Harun-al-Rasid, Judicial Magistrate, Additional Court, Lalbagh.


Dated Berhampore the 14th May, 1990.                             sd/-

                                                                               For – District Judge, Murshidabad.